How to Sew a Patch using Blind Stitch

In this tutorial I will explain to you how to sew an embroidered patch to your clothes using an invisible stitch.


Sewing Yarn, Thimble, Neddle, Pin and of course the patch and your cloth piece!


Fasten the patch to the area to be sewn.
Thread the needle and knot the end. Give a starting stitch anywhere on the back of the patch. This is so that the end does not show when you are done sewing.
Sew all around the edge of the patch using a blind stitch. This is achieved by taking one thread from the fabric and one thread from the back of the patch edge. Repeat this stitch all around the edge leaving a space of half a centimeter or so between stitches.
And that’s it! The stitching is not visible on the edge of the patch nor the back side of the fabric.
Now you know how to sew your patches like a pro!
Here you can watch the whole process in video format.

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