How to Iron-on a Thermoadhesive Embroidered Patch

In this tutorial I will explain to you how to iron-on an embroidered patch to your clothes.


Iron, thin cotton cloth and of course the patch and your cloth piece!


Attach the patch to the area where it is to be ironed.
Place a thin heat-resistant cotton fabric over the patch.
Preheat the iron and place it on the patch for 30-40 seconds.
Let it cool completely. Optionally you can place some weight on the patch while it cools, to reinforce the adhesive.
Great job, now you can enjoy your patch!
Here you can watch the whole process in video format.
The iron-on adhesive that we use for our iron on patches is indicated for sticking on 100% cotton fabrics. For other fabrics it is recommended to sew directly even if the iron-on adhesive has been applied.
Instructions on how to apply an Iron on Embroidered patch on clothes

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